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    Originally posted by byersmtrco View Post
    You tell em Dave !!
    HA HA !!
    Long rods or short rods
    352's were pigs !!!!!
    Pfft, we had 332 FE's here in NZ in our '60 and '61 Fairlanes, (probably also in the '59's but can't vouch for it.)

    AND they all ran two-barrel carbs.

    Now THERE'S a pig!
    A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.


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      When I was a kid, we had a 62 Mercury. 352 bbl
      It was a good car, but what a gutless wonder

      Then, in 1975 my grandfather GAVE my parents his
      1968 Caprice with a 396. Had 10K miles on it (He bought
      it brand new.) Now THAT was an automobile !!!
      NO 390 or 383 would run with that thing (In a reasonably
      comparable car.
      What a smooth ride.
      Funny my 65 TB drove allot like that Caprice .
      But it was barely faster than the 62 Merc