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  • Ground Wire

    Where exactly is the gas tank ground wire on 1965 bird. Having a problem locating mine.

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    Tom, to save money, car companies back in the day depended on steel spot welds and screw connections to return the negative ground back to the battery. So, there is none.

    I suggest you make your own ground wire by connecting a small (#14 or so) copper wire to the gas tank's outer flange to the chassis. Brass or stainless screws, nuts and washers are my choice.

    Here's an example:

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      Thank you. I will try that.


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        Originally posted by whitebird View Post
        Where exactly is the gas tank ground wire on 1965 bird. Having a problem locating mine.
        If you look in the trunk, in the area where the sequential signal light unit is located, you will see a screw with two ground wires going to it . One for the sequential unit and one for the fuel sending unit ground . This is for the sender and not the tank if that is your concern .


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          Yes, I think that may be what I am looking for. Thank you


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            Well I didn't do anything to fix my non working gas gauge. I just filled the tank after every use. Well about 2 months ago I was driving on a highway and came upon a bridge that was being repaired and it was quite a bump on both ends. When I looked down at the speedometer I saw that the gas gauge was working and has worked ever since. I think that for some reason it must have been stuck.


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              Tom, sometimes ya get lucky! It looks like you did when you hit those two bumps! You are probably right about it being stuck and the bumps unstucked it!

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