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Pearl in clear coat?

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  • Yadkin
    • Aug 11 2012
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    Pearl in clear coat?

    I'm redoing my '64 in original Wimbledon White but want to give it a little more sparkle. I'm thinking of a subtle pearl, as was used in the 2008 F series trucks. That was a tri-coat: base, mid (pearl) and clear. I'm concerned that the mid coat would just cover the OE color base. Has anyone had good luck with a two-part pearl, by adding it to the clear coat?
  • Joe Johnston
    • Dec 23 2008
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    I've done a fair amount of painting, but never tried any pearls or tri-coats. Search or post at this link and you may find some help.


    • 840 840 840
      • Dec 30 2008
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      We use to do that before we went to tri-color painting.
      The only problem is touch-up work if you have a scratch or dent, I'd just go to a tri-color I like or stay stock.


      • simplyconnected
        • May 26 2009
        • 8811

        At the factory we dusted the (color) base coat (it looked bumpy and crappy) then immediately shot THREE clear coats over it on Mustangs. Then bake at 250F.

        Our prime coat is waterborne, baked then (red) Scotchbrite scuffed by hand and alcohol wiped.
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        • Yadkin
          • Aug 11 2012
          • 1905

          Decided to go without the pearl. Too many variables involved to match panels. Too difficult to repair.