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Transistor Type Ignition

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  • Bugman65
    • Aug 20 2014
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    Transistor Type Ignition

    Hi everyone, new to the site and new to the problems.

    Hi everyone, new here.
    Got a 1965 with transistorized ignition. It's been tampered with prior to be buying...not much but a little.
    My question is I bought an Accel points and condenser, and Accel super stock coil. Do I not need the condenser in the distributor? Should I have a resistor in the wire from coil negative to ground? Will this coil damage the system....
    I can't find the the FoMoCo coil part number, C3TF 12029-A

    I have a question about the transistorized ignition system. The car I bought, 1965 had been retrofitted with the Pextronic module and they left two wires disconnected right by the coil. One Blue and one green. After rebuilding the carb, and replacing the basic stuff, fuel pump, battery cables..etc
    I started on the ignition system, getting 12V from both wires with the switch on.
    That's when I figured out I had a transistor type ignition system. I'm assuming the blue wire goes to coil positive and the green wire goes to the points in the distributor? There should also be a ground wire from the coil negative? That requires a resistor?
    I purchased an Accel Points and condenser, and super stock coil.
    Do I not need the condenser in the distributor? Will I damage the system with this coil?....I have not tried anything yet.
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  • jopizz

    • Nov 23 2009
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    I believe the distributor had points and a condenser just like the standard ignition. The main difference is that the mechanical voltage regulator was replaced with a solid state amplifier. Here's a link to the schematic for the transistor ignition.

    As far as what you need to do to get the Accel parts to work I can't help you there. I imagine the points and condenser will work but as you mentioned there was a different coil used with the transistorized ignition. Maybe someone else can shed some light on it.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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