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    hello everyone, first i want to thank everyone for there tech adicve for my 66 conv.the beast is fixed. but ireally need some advice for next ? about a year ago my daughter was on a back road in our state found a 66 (63d) tbird.i went and looked at it and they finally decided to part with it. i did not know what i wanted to do with the car,(pretty good shape) org eng drive train and carb,all tags are there.well my son found the built sheet and i decoded and found out some interesting things about this bird. on the build sheet was written in bold red on the bottom last1 and then the built date is 10f (june 10) and that is the last day of production. rot # on build sheet is 500 very high car is fully loaded ac, power windows power seat and paint color code is 0 (rose). i have done all the resreach i can called and spoke with people all over the country and the tbird reg has been great and yes i did reg the car there. the vin # is very very high.(169596).i really think i never will be able to determine if it was 1 of the last but i think it is dam close ,any info aor places you could send me i would apperiate.i have put the build sheet in a clear plastic sleeve and away in a safe place. but i take it out and just keep stareing at the bottom of the sheet and where someone wrote last1 in red. lol.i wish i could know "last1 what" color, interior or car.

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    last 1 for 66

    Robert, thanks for posting the information regarding your '66 Flairbird. I was doing some checking on '66 production tonight for you. It was not unusual for the last Tbird of an ending production ROT Sheet to be marked with a statement that it was the "last 1" or "last car". Something like that. Often times there were signs put on the car indicating that it was the very last car to be produced. In the case of the last 1960 Squarebird to be produced, notes, and other items were found in that car to indicate that it was the last car to go down the line at the end of 1960 production. The date and a notation to that effect was found in this car years later. If you ever have a need to replace the carpeting, look in the seat cushions, door or trunk panels, you might find something like that. As I recall, one of his panels had written on it the date the car was built and that it was the last car in the 1960 production run built. It is good that you were able to find the ROT Sheet, as so many never do.

    You are correct about the end of production date for the 1966 Tbird being 10 June. The total number of 1966 Flairbirds produced was 69,176 according to a number of sources I have checked. You stated that the serial number for your 1966 is 69,596 (the starting 1 was always part of the serial number). I am wondering if, perhaps the 69,596 that you posted is a typo. I guess it is possible to have produced a ROT Sheet and a Data Plate with that serial number on it (69,596) if the plant had planned on building more than the 69,176 cars they did. It might be possible that ROT Sheet and Data Plate with that Serial Number were already in the queue to be made and it was. I would think that would mean that not all of the 69,176 cars they said were made were actually produced in that serial number range. Otherwise, I would think their total production number would be something like 69,596 and it is not.

    It IS possible to obtain a copy of the Original Ford Invoice and the Window Sticker for your car. Marti Auto Works has copies of these two items for the 1966 Tbird, for a fee. You might find more information regarding your Tbird on them. Here is the links to them.

    They have Thunderbird information for the years 1962, Convertibles only, 1963 for Convertibles only. Then in 1964-1966 for all. Then for the following years also.
    1974 serial # 100001 thru 111581

    So, you are in luck if you want those records. Unfortunately, the records for the years prior to 1962 were destroyed, so there are no records for us 1961 Bulletbird, Squarebird or Babybird owners.

    For additional information on your 1966 Flairbird check out Automotive Mile Posts. Here is the link.

    I hope this information helps.
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