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1961-1963 Detent Plates Are Available!

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  • 1961-1963 Detent Plates Are Available!

    Marianne Sosiak has just advised me that she has the new supply of detent plates available. She finally received them and can take orders again for them. Just go to the Home page, click on the link to order the 1961-1963 detent plates and take it from there!

    We thank Marianne for taking on the marketing and re-supply of the detent plates. This is a very important part of the Forum that we certainly want to continue.

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    As you can see I'm a newbie, and a new owner of a 63 hardtop. My car has the common problem of dropping out of park. Before I found this forum, I called Larry's Thunderbird parts, and asked him what typically caused the problem. They told me it was normally the collar bearing at the bottom of the steering column near the gearbox. There doesn't seem to be any plan in the column shaft, so I'm thinking it's probably the detent plate and/or shifter. Is there a good way to determine if the collar bearing is bad without taking out the complete column. This looks to be a pretty big job, which I prefer not to do especially since the detent plate seems to be much simpler to do. Appreciate your help.