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1962 Thunderbird air bagged

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  • booalou
    • Jun 7 2007
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    Air bags for a 62

    Is there in drop air bag kits that are available for the 62 tbird. My MS has made it so I cant do a hole lot anymore so drop in kit would make it a bit easier for me I think.


    • Forbird
      • Nov 27 2023
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      Originally posted by Petrolhead
      El Guapo, last pic

      I purchased an Air Ride front Shockwave kit for the '62. It was supposed to suit 61 to 64, but Air Ride engineered it using a '63 and the front suspension changed quite significantly at the end of '62 - the upper and lower shock mounts aredifferent, as is the upper coil spring pad.
      Apparently this is the first time Air Ride struck this and Darren was quite embarrased. He was also extremely helpful, and even sent some brackets down here at no charge. I couldn't have asked for better service.
      The problem was that the Shockwaves were too long for the '62, and even fully deflated the car sat higher than stock.

      In the end the chassis guys mounted the shockwaves down through the upper a-arms instead of on top, using custom made L-shaped brackets that you can see in the photo. They use the same bolt holes as the factory lower shock saddle.

      We had to notch the a-arm to clear the knob for the Shockwave's rebound adjustment. These have since had their reinforcing lip welded on, and is away getting crack tested at the moment - can't be too careful.

      You'll see that there are two extra holes in the bracket - this is so we can adjust the ride height up or down if we wish.

      The air lines will run under the car, I'm going to use high pressure 1/2" steel lines to avoid stone damage - normally they're 1/2" nylon.


      Do you have a part number for the shockwaves that you installed on the front? I am looking on the ridetech website and I can only see them for a 64-66 thunderbird


      • Evan
        • Jun 26 2024
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        What size wheel and tire are you running?