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Yet Another Heater Hose Routing Subject

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  • D.B Cooper
    • Jan 30 2023
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    Yet Another Heater Hose Routing Subject

    I have a 63 Hardtop and have been on a gillion sites having to do with the routing of heater hoses and with all the FE Fords that are out there be is a Pickup, Bronco, Mustang or Galaxy or whatever everyone seems to have a different way to route heater hoses and none of them look as cluttered as the do on a stock 63 Thunderbird with a 390. Maybe I have had too many SBC's in the past but all of them had a straight forward way to run heater hoses from the water pump to the heater core. And in my way of thinking is much, much cleanser then having hoses run all over the engine compartment. OK, my question is it possible on a Thunderbird with a 390 of this vintage to delete the carburetor space plate put plugs in the intake that are now coolant passages and run the hoses straight to the water pump with the use of a heater control valve?