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Windshield Wiper hose diagram

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  • D.B Cooper
    • Jan 30 2023
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    Windshield Wiper hose diagram

    Pretty new here and what a great site this is. Anyway, I recently bought a 63' Htp. and I am cleaning it up under the hood which has turned into a long process. I have quite a few hoses missing or broken that I am not sure where they go or where they went. Any chance of a diagram of just what it take for this to be complete. I haven't found anything to look at in the books that I have, just aren't too helpful in this department. Much thanks, D. B.
  • jopizz

    • Nov 23 2009
    • 8469

    The windshield wipers are hydraulic and work off of the power steering pump. One hose from the wiper motor goes down to the steering box and the other goes to the power steering pump reservoir. I don't have a good picture and the shop manual doesn't show much either. Hopefully someone with a '63 can take a picture for you.

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