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New Business Cards!

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  • YellowRose
    The NEW Business Cards ARE available to order! Several members have already done so. Now is the time to get some since it is S&S Time in this Country again. You will want to have some to hand out to other Tbird owners at these S&S events, if they are not a Member of or don't even know about us. Let me know how many cards you would like to have and I can post them to you.

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  • YellowRose
    started a topic New Business Cards!

    New Business Cards!

    Thanks to a question from Carl Heller ~ partsetal, asking if we had a Forum Business cards, I can say that we do now! I took his question and created a Business Card for us. I ran it by my fellow Administrators, our great webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, John Pizzi ~ jopizz and Dan Leavens our Canadian Administrator. We revised the card, making it simpler, and I am having 1,000 of them printed. I will have then in a few days. The card will feature our logo, the '59 Squarebirds logo and includes our Forum site URL. They will be available to all our membership at no charge. For the purpose of handing out at car shows, car club meetings, etc to any Tbirder who does not know anything about our Forum. Once someone has one of the cards, they can bring up the Forum as a Guest, and if they want additional information, they can contact one of us. I would suggest that they call us, rather than emailing through our Contact Us facility. A phone call will put them in direct contact with one of us. I will be the contact for this program, so if you are interested and would like to have a supply, call me, or PM me. Let me know how many cards you want, and I will mail them off to you! If ordering, for privacy reasons, provide me with your snail mail address by emailing me (if you know my email address). Or provide it by sending it via Private Message.
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