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contact rock auto they messed up.

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  • vermbird
    • Jul 22 2009
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    contact rock auto they messed up.

    does anyone know how to contact rock auto? i ordered a new master cylinder for my 63. I live in a gated community. when DHL got there rock had not given them my gate code or my cell #. so they left. they could have punched in my name on the directory and i would have let them in. the next day i called DHL and gave them the gate code and my cell. so that day they arrived, said the gate code didn't work (it does) , didn't punch in my name in the directory. the only phone number they had was rock auto!!! the customer service at DHL central did not supply my phone to the delivery person. rock did not supply DHL with my contact info. finally after talking to DHL last night I demanded they deliver the part. at 6 pm they did, no problem with the gate code. I complained to DHL today. trying to send a message to rock is ;impossible they have no forum to ask questions. you can only ask for a refund, return the part. no site to "chat". just would like rock to include the customers contact number, cell and email so delivery services like DHL, UPS, FedEx can contact the customer if there is a delay, they're lost or whatever. i spent 1/1/2 hers on the phone trying to sort it out. never had a problem with amazon, ups, FedEx. makes me want to not like rock auto so much. they have good prices but poor customer service. no way to even call them sorry to complain on this forum but didn't know where to bring it up on this Tbird forum/site. i did finally get the master in, bench bled it, bled the system, works ok now. yay!!
  • YellowRose

    • Jan 21 2008
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    Yes, you could have posted this in Anything Goes.. We tell each new user to read ALL of the Forum, not just the Sub-Forum for your Tbird. There is a ton of information in many of the other Sub-Forums that can also apply to your Tbird. So read every new post that comes up. Unfortunately, Rock Auto does NOT have a Customer Service telephone number. You have to do everything through your Order Number. Here is how to communicate with them regarding a problem with an order...

    …contact customer service about a problem with my order?
    RockAuto is a completely online company. We do not have a customer service phone number to provide assistance over the phone. All of our customer service resources are available 24/7 online! Online self-service ensures consistent quality and keeps our prices low for you!

    To check an order status, make a change, set up a return, or report a problem with your order, visit our Order Status & Returns page.

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    • jopizz

      • Nov 23 2009
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      I do remember calling them a few times to return parts. That was maybe five or six years ago so not having a customer service number is something recent. There is a number for their corporate headquarters on the web site. You can always try calling that and voicing your concerns.


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      John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      • simplyconnected
        • May 26 2009
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        I hate to say it but you made yourself inaccessible on purpose by living in a gated community. That's why I sent your CVR to your Post Office Box. Maybe you can arrange for deliveries to go to the Post Office.
        So far, I don't see a problem with Rock Auto. They usually give a tracking number, then YOU give the carrier delivery instructions.
        I had a problem with UPS not ringing my front door bell. A few times, I waited all day long just to find a 'first attempt note' on my door. I have two dogs that bark at ANY noise on my front porch. Not a peep.
        When the UPS guy came the next day, I ushered him over to my door bell button. He claimed it doesn't work. I pushed it, we could both hear the bell inside and the dogs went nuts. It never happened afterward. - Dave
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        • vermbird
          • Jul 22 2009
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          i live 4 miles each way from my P.O. box so it is not convenient to get packages there when fed-ex, ups or amazon can bring them to my front door. i only pick up my mail 2x/wk for that reason. it is up to rock auto to let the carrier know my contact email and phone number in case they get lost or cannot get in the gate. as far as i know rock does not have any instructions on their order from to give a gate code. maybe i should put it into my address. this is the only and 1st time I will use DHL as they couldn't take the time to punch in my name in the directory so I could let them in. I have never had a delivery problem with ups, amazon or Fed-ex. if you go to rock auto "order status and returns page", there is only the option to return, and no option to send a message or chat. I searched hi and low on the rock site for anything that would let me send a message or "chat'" and nothing. i will try calling the headquarters in Wisconsin on Monday or send them a letter. this is all not a big deal but if i was a shop owner needing a part for a customer and DHL came twice to my door and said" no one home", I might have an angry customer waiting for their car. thanks to Jopizz for his help. i spoke with Dave on Wed, we discussed my possible disk brake conversion for the 60 bird, and ins and outs of bench bleeding new master cylinders. thanks. now out to the garage to bleed the front bakes on the master cylinder changeout and install the vintage 1959 autolite 4100 carb that i just rebuilt on the '60. ready to go. kind of chilly outside now 55 degrees, may need a "hoodie" to stay warm. nite-nite to those east coasters.


          • frank58
            • May 28 2006
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            Originally posted by vermbird
            kind of chilly outside now 55 degrees, may need a "hoodie" to stay warm.
            55? wow we'd be headed to the's 17 in Connecticut.... good luck Warren, looks like the pieces are beginning to come together.