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Carb flat spot

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  • Carb flat spot

    Got problems with the Holley 4 barrel carburetor on my 390 '62 hardtop. The car had been sitting in an unheated building for years when the previous owner bought it and the gasoline had turned to shellac. He installed a new gas tank, fuel pump, filter and new carburetor (actually rebuilt). The carb stalls if you don't race it and/or feather the gas just right. I tuned it all up and everything else is fine. I had a guy come and look at it who knows carburetors and he checked it with gauges and dialed it in. He says that is as good as he can get it, and it needs a new accelerator pump. Has anyone else had any problems such as this with their new or rebuilt carb?

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    I agree that it sounds like the accelerator pump. I've had problems with some accelerator pumps and Ethanol gas. Some materials are not compatible with the Ethanol and they shrivel up like a prune. I would just replace it and hope for the best. Unless you can find gas without Ethanol count on replacing the accelerator pump every so often.

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      Thanks. Got one on order for tomorrow.