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  • Help, please.

    I am in the process of purchasing an early Falcon, a 62, and I would like to convert the 4 bolt wheels over to a standard 5X4.5 pattern. What are my options?
    Also, I want to build a 302 and C-6 for in it, as there is currently no engine or tranny in the car. What modifications are necessary for this install?

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    The early Mustangs were based on the Falcon, so it should be no problem getting 5-bolt drums or discs for your Falcon.
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      Your options are actually pretty open as Falcons are very popular. The parts you need are pretty readily available but can be pricey. The Mustang is based on the early Falcon as noted but it is really based on the 64 Falcon which won't help you too much. What you need are motor and trans mounts from a 63-65 V8 Falcon and rear end from a 63 V8 Falcon which are out there. The front brakes can be updated using Mustang stuff or 63-65 V8 Falcon stuff. Hawkrod