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'63 Falcon 4Spd Seals Or Kit

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  • '63 Falcon 4Spd Seals Or Kit

    I received this email from Chris Hare ~ who is in need of help in finding the following.

    I am asking if you can help locate part or supplier in your travels that may have seals or a complete kit for this German tranny... built in the early 60's and used in many Ford 1960 products and was the only 4 speed trans. used by Ford.. Have this 4 speed in my 63 Falcon, but needs new seals and or a rebuilt kit... I really need the 3 shaft seals or a complete kit..

    Hope you can help


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    Seals are all metric, and always have been (bearings, too). They are fairly easy to find. Having said that, go to your local transmission shop. They will give you a source or order the parts for you. Whether from the US or Germany, millions of cars used those parts, and many transmission kits use the same parts. Again, talk nicely to your local transmission shop; he can help you out (and may have parts on his shelf). - Dave
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