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  • c4clewis
    • Aug 18 2010
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    Guys, unfortunately I didn't save any of the pictures of the setup that I can find. Additionally, I managed to put the frontend into a fire hydrant a month ago on the way back from a carshow. I will have to get the front frame straightened and panels back flat, so it will be up and I can let ya'll know anything you want.

    In short:
    The front had custom welded lower A-arms to hold the airbags. I don't remember what model was used, but they fit into the original spring pockets.
    The rear was a custom 4-link. Quite honestly, after driving it, I wouldn't spend the money on it again and would just put the air-over-leaf if I could get it to sit low enough that way. The 4-link is okay, but I don't think worth the money.