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    Has anyone installed rear leaf springs from General Spring? If so, any feedback on their quality would be appreciated. thx

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    Doing a quick search I couldn't find anyone who reported that they used this seller. Some of our members have used leaf springs from McVeigh Truck Springs and have been very satisfied. Here's a link to their Ebay store.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      Thanks John....Talked to McVeigh and the 42-217 that you linked is the part # they sell for the 59. However, this part# is listed for the Ranchero with other suppliers, while the 42-227 is the spring part # called out for the 59 Thunderbird. Anyway, they are very similar but the 227 has a slightly higher arc height and a lower spring rate (128 lb/in vs. 170). Unfortunately, McVeigh only sells the 217.


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        In May, we installed a set of new rear leaf springs from Eaton Detroit Springs on a '60 Bird - standard height and loading.

        I have been very pleased with the result, which includes a set of Bilstein shocks.


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          A few of our members including Dave Dare our webmaster have installed the McVeigh springs and have been pleased with them. We also have some members who have installed Eaton springs and have also been pleased so I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I guess it comes down to price.

          John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

          Thunderbird Registry #36223


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            Yes, I used McVeigh for two cars, both rear leafs, our 1955 Fordor Customline and our 1959 Fordor Galaxie. Both are 6-leaf and both restored the original height. I'm VERY satisfied with them.

            I don't know if it matters where you buy from although I know Eaton Detroit winds up their own front springs, rather than simply selling someone else's product.

            As an aside, Robin's 2010 Escape has a cradle (front crossmember) that is dangerously rotted through where the lower control arm attaches on the passenger's side. We're told that the A/C condensate line is responsible. In any event, the Ford part will be delivered on Saturday Sept. 23rd. I'll be busy changing it myself. - Dave
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