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58-9 Emblem color

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  • 58-9 Emblem color

    Does anyone have a paint # and a source for the aqua paint used on the 59-58 Nose and Trunk birds? I guess that it would be a hobby/model color, but those shops have disappeared from my area. Thanks in advance.

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    Carl, I went through the VTCI OFS for the Squarebird and did not find anything on paint # and source. I know the OFS states that it is Turquoise. Here is what I found in the OFS. John may know this. I hand painted my '59 emblems with turquoise paint from hobby shop by taking my nose tbird with me to match paint colors. I did not like the results and bought new ones for the nose, rear and roof.

    1959 roof ornament B9S 6350270-A

    1958-1959 Nose Ornament

    B8S 8259-A.


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      It's the same color as the 55-57 emblems and valve covers. I've tried a couple of hobby shop paints and could never quite get it right. The repro emblems don't seem to be quite right either. This is probably the correct color.

      John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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