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  • Transmission Mount

    I would like to replace the mount under the gear box. Bird Nest lists 2 models, 352TM and 6068B.
    I can't remove it before I order it. How can I tell which one I need? I would say 6068 is right...

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    I'm not sure why there are two different parts. Part number 6068 is the correct number. You might want to call and ask what the difference is.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      Not to confuse the issue but here is anew mount I got from Dennis Carpenter. Note the two part numbers. Heres how it compared to the old mount I took out. nonetheless I was able to get it to work. My car is a 59. Hope this helped.

      IMG_1028.JPG IMG_1018.JPG
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        I just fought this battle recently Eric, and I can give my 2 cents. John is correct, no surprise there. At least as it relates to my application. I have a ‘60 Tbird, with a ‘64 390 and Cruise-o, so I didn’t know what would work for me. I had no frame of reference, since my Primary car and my Donor car both lacked a drivetrain. So I initially purchased the 352TM, and my 50/50 shot proved I have Bad Luck! It was too thick and the bolt holes wouldn’t align. Then I ordered the 6068B plus the 6054a Transmission Mount Retainer, all from Birdsnest. This combo is now mounted on my Bird, but it wasn’t easy. I fought it for a couple days, and questioned if I was missing something. From what I recall, the bolt holes needed to be reamed out a bit, but the main problem was the fitment. The rubber part of the mount didn’t want to fit inside the retainer, it was too wide. I pounded it in on a vise and somehow made it work. Of course, I have no driveshaft and was using a jack to lift the tail of the trans and center it and ugh… Not really sure if it’s an issue with parts, my car, or the mixing and matching of body and motor/trans I’m doing. I assume if your car is stock, this should be an easy install for you. I hope it is. Good Luck!
        SquareBird in BirdCity