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Headlight switch upgrade

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  • Headlight switch upgrade

    My headlight switch on my 59 Convertible has gone south on me...everything on the running/parking light circuit is fine but when I pull on the headlights the tail lights and dash lights go there an upgrade for it or should I get an OEM part and keep on truck'in?

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    If you are handy you can take it apart and clean the contacts. That's all it needs. There are instructions in the Technical Resource Library. If you want to buy a new one there is no upgrade. You will need to buy the reproduction switch that any of the Thunderbird vendors sell.

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      Are you sure your switch is bad? These switches have an internal circuit breaker.
      I NEVER rely on past problems to troubleshoot new symptoms but, one of our members found his license plate lamp socket was corroded so bad, it caused a short circuit. He found it by feeling 'the warm' wire leading towards the trunk area.

      In your case, it's the headlight circuit. Since your wiring is assembled using bullet connectors, disconnect the ones for the headlights at the fender apron as part of your troubleshooting practice. Also, look for frayed wires especially up front where weather causes deterioration.

      I should have asked if you have 'upgraded' your headlight lamps, causing more current draw. -Did you check for loose wires at the switch? - Dave
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        Also have a look at the dimmer switch . Wet feet over the years can do a lot of damage .
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          Many thanks.....I put in a new switch and several problems were solved.....I also took the old one apart to clean so I would have a "spare" looked like a bowl of spaghetti inside as someone had already attempted the work. my case....a new switch was the answer! Many thanks!