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  • Transmission bands

    Where can I get front and rear transmission bands for my 60 352 Bird?
    I bought some on Ebay but they were the wrong part.
    Bill Gildersleeve
    58 hard top & 60 convertible

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    I have dealt with northeastern transparts for over a decade. I highly recommend you give them a call and speak to "Brian". They ship rebuilt units, so I imagine that they ship parts too. I'm local to them though so I always go in person. If you ever have rebuild questions Brian is hesitant on answering, they have a builder there named Ron Link who has been a transmission guy for 30+ years. I threw the last name in because they have three Ron's there. Worth a call in my opinion.
    Jim Kowal
    Thunderbird Registry #82613


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      Here's a name that's easy to remember:
      Whatever It Takes Transmission parts


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        Thanks for the referrals, but nobody had the bands. The good news,

        Fatsco Transmission

        Just got in a few and are very reasonable on the price both are under $60.00 with core.
        Great people to deal with.

        Bill Gildersleeve
        58 hard top & 60 convertible


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          Bands are normally re-lined. That way, you either get your own (correct) band back or an identical band that was recently relined. Transmission shops all over the country do this for all transmission brands. - Dave
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