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convertible deck lid adjustments

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  • convertible deck lid adjustments

    this is on my 63 convertible but applies to 60 Squarebirds too. just replaced my top pump/motor works fine now. having trouble adjusting the deck lid opening. it hesitates and then jumps open. i have played with the receiver screws and the deck lock limit switch. shall i turn the screws in or out to allow it to open smoothly? shall i raise or lower the limit switch? would like it to open smoothly. it seems the pump motor is actuating before the screws have released. thanks as always. i know its trial and error and fine adjustments.

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    If the pump starts before both screw locks release then your limit switch is too low and you need to raise it. It's definitely trial and error. Small adjustments make a big difference. If it happens to only one lock then try lowering (screwing clockwise) that lock receptacle.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      ok good instructions will work on it tomorrow assuming its not raining. thanks again.