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    I have had constant issues with this trans shifting hard from 1-2 and 2-3. The trans was rebuilt but I am wondering if the springs in the valve body are incorrect (to weak?) My mechanic, he is 84 years old and worked on these cars when he first started in the trade, mentioned its all to do with the throttle rods coming from the carburator to the rod going to the trans. He has adjusted it multiple times but I continue to get a hard slamming shift (makes the drive train bang), hesitation when accelerating from a stop or backfiring thru the carb. (he rebuilt the original Autolite). I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the original throttle rods and their length.
    I have had this car on the road since 2011, that's when I completed the restoration. I would like to solve this problem once and for all as the car will be going up for sale this month.
    If anyone is looking for a 1960 Tbird that's totally redone I am asking $19,000.00 U.S. ($23,900.00 Canadian)

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    Here's mine off a 60' 352 20210405_122305.jpg 20210405_122146.jpg 20210405_122025.jpg


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      (this note refers to post above.)

      These are as they came off the car which shifted well. Had them powder coated but left adjustments alone. I have not compared these with the measurements in the service manual yet.


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        "hesitation when accelerating from a stop or backfiring thru the carb " looks more like a carb adjustment problem!?
        I did not played with those links on mine as it works. Don't you have an adjustment procedure in the manual?


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          You can back that detent off a little. See if it changes.
          I need to adj mine out. It slips sometimes @ part throttle
          btwn 2nd & 3rd.
          Pretty sure my ol' Cruise-O-Anchor will be repl by a C6 at
          some point. My buddy has a core in his shop out of a 390 LTD
          Had it for 30+ yrs.


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            Thanks for the feedback. I will be getting the car out of storage at the end of the month so I will check the linkage measurements against what I have. I might also get my mechanic to pull the valve body out of the trans to check the springs and make sure they are correct. Speaking of correct does anyone know what is the correct springs for 1-2 and 2-3?