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  • Hydroboost

    I had an extra hydroboost from a mustang cobra laying around. mounted it with little modification, seems to fit nicely. had to modify the pedal by welding in a steel dowel behind where the mounting hole was and it flows perfectly. I will say that trying to get the pedal back in with that spring was a real pain.
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    Have that HB on my 70 Bronco and an 84, stroked and blown fox LTD.
    Great upgrade. What are you going to do for PS pump? Recommend a sag
    if you can get it on there. 76 Lincolns had a dual return sag pump (with SAE fitting
    for pressure line, vs later pumps that went metric) stock with HB.


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      i was going to make some lines to connect to the original pump. But if the sag pump bolts up id probably do that.


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        Just to try at first, im going to run the Hydroboost with front drums before spending a fortune on disc.
        So i know there is a lot more pressure from the master and would probably lock up the drums, but since I have an inline pressure valve I put that
        in line with the fronts. lets see if it works at all.

        Other than that for anyone wanting to convert to hydroboost, ill list the parts and where I got them as I proceed.

        The hydro I used is around 2001 mustang.
        the fittings for the high in is 18mm to 6an
        the high out to steering rack is 16mm o-ring to 6an

        Off the master, you will need to convert M10x1.0 and M12 x1.0 bubble fittings to 3/8 24.

        the high pressure out of pump is AEROQUIP FBM1144 HOSE END
        You will be using PFTE hose to make these.

        The high pressure stuff I purchased here:
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