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    I have a couple of out-of-the-way areas, like on the lower engine cradle up front, where the body-color paint has worn off. I don't have painting equipment or experience and would like to mask and spray paint (with a can) some of these areas.

    The new paint doesn't have to perfectly match the old but closest is of course best. So I'm curious, has anyone found a brand (and color name or item #) that makes a close match to 1959 Indian Turquoise in a rattle can? Thanks!

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    Tony: There are automotive paint companies that will mix some paint and put it in spray cans for you . All you need is the formula or they may have it if you have the code . I have had them mix and match paint for me if you have a sample of your paint from a small portion of your car with the paint on it .


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      Tony, take a look at a thread called Paint Color, which is on Page 2 of this 1958-1960 Squarebird Forum. It covers the subject you are asking about. Here is the information that I obtained for you for the 1959 Squarebird color Indian Turquoise.

      1959 Squarebird Indian Turquoise, Paint Code D, M30J Paint Code Color 1019 Turquoise, Sales Name Indian Turquoise, Ford Code M1019, Ditzler PPG 42256, Dupont 2983, 246-83350, 93-83350H, Acme Rogers 8716.

      Keep in mind that over the 50-60 years of the car interior and exterior OEM colors change due to age, sun, etc..

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        There are a number of paint suppliers that will mix the color in a spray can. Here's one.

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          Thanks all. While it’s a good deal more expensive, I like the option of custom-mixed spray paint. Not only is the color closer to original than trying to get lucky with store-bought cans, but more importantly it’s the right kind of paint as well.

          I’m also considering respraying the underside of my hood, as it has bare spots (I have experience wet sanding, prepping and priming). Unlike the exterior, there’s a little more leeway here for color match. Custom cans will be pricey but good for this. Anyone have a guess as to how many cans this would require? With thinner and accelerant, I think cans only contain about 4oz. of paint.


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            Here in Detroit, Sherwin Williams Automotive Paints will match and premix rattlecans of paint for about $30/ea. They are full-size cans.

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              Here's another alternative. Since I paint my cars I always make sure to have a half pint or so left over. Then I mix that with the appropriate reducer and shoot with this. My auto body supply sells them for $5 and they last a reasonable time. They are cleanable and the glass jar is reusable. The paint fan is round, non adjustable, and atomizes very well in my experience. Works for me....