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    For years, I have been breaking down, as best I could, the Squarebird ROT/Build Sheet for our membership, using the information that I could find available on the internet. Just recently, while going through my copy of the 1958-1960 SquarebirdS Official Factory Specifications, I found that the breakdown has always been available to me within the OFS. As a result of contacting Rod Wake, VTCI President, (who is a member also of this Forum!) I obtained permission to publish this information with the proper crediting of VTCI. So here is the ROT/Build Sheet breakdown directly from the OFS for all three years of the Squarebird. I was informed by Alan Tast, VTCI Technical Editor, and also a member of this Forum, that the same information is in the OFS versions for the Babybird, (1957 only perhaps), the Bulletbird and the Flairbird. Click on the link below to bring up the 1958-1960 Squarebird Rot/Build Sheet Breakdown graphics.

    This is according to the Official Factory Specifications published and sold by the Vintage Thunderbird Club International, Inc. (VTCI). To obtain your own copy of the Official Factory Specifications for your year of Thunderbird, you must become a Paid Member of VTCI. Any Tbird owner who is attempting to restore their Tbird to the Official Factory Specifications for it, needs the OFS copy for their Tbird. They are available from 1955-1966 Tbirds. See the VTCI Country Store for additional information.

    Thank you so very much to "Fuz" Johnson ~ tmjsong1aolcom, who just sent me an authentic 1958 Squarebird Rot/Build Sheet for our records! It comes courtesy of a good friend of his, Mike Sercer at YahooGroups who provided this excellent 1958 Squarebird Cameo Rose Convertible Rot/Build Sheet documentation. Mike, Thank you so very much for providing it! I had send out emails to every known 1958 Squarebird owner who has been active on our Forum for the last two years, several dozen of them! Not a one of them who have replied have ever found their Rot/Build Sheet! Now I can and have updated the 1958-1960 Squarebird Rot/Build Sheet Breakdown in the link above. Click on it and you will now be able to see the Rot/Build Sheet break down for each of the 3 Squarebird years, and also, a good and readable Rot/Build Sheet copy for each!
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