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power steering ram cylinder

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  • power steering ram cylinder

    I am trying to replace seals in my power steering ram.I tried using air to force inner seals out which didn't work. Other than just trying to pick them out in pieces is there any other tricks to getting them out?

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    Update I was able to pick the two internal seals out of the cylinder, both seals have an internal spring in them which were both facing toward the the inside of the cylinder. Per the kit and the diagram that came with the kit they show a metal/ washer spacer that goes in between the two seals. I did not have a metal washer between my seals. I looked in the area where the seals go just to make sure it wasn't in there behind the second seal and there is not one in there. Last question the spacer/ washer has a flat side and a slight groove on the other side, which way should it be installed