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Unknown holes in trunk?

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  • Unknown holes in trunk?

    In the trunk floor of my '60 convertible, there are two unidentified holes in the floor that I can't figure out, One on each side, just inside wheel well and rear axle. Apparently intentional, open to the ground, don't seem to line up with anything underneath. Whatever covers were there are gone and will have to be replaced. Easy enough to fab, or am I missing something? Some type of drain arrangement for the convertible top maybe? Or something more obscure? I bought the car disassembled and have never seen the trunk of a completed convertible. Soon to re-install the top and mechanism, trying to sort out obstacles ahead..

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    This might help you out. Without a picture, I hope we're talking about the same holes. CLICK HERE - Dave
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      Those must have been custom made, no?


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        I would guess someone followed what the Shop Manual tells you to do if the trunk will not open, since there is no way to manually open these trunks from the outside. The Shop Manual gives you a diagram of where to drill two holes from under the car. I had an issue last year with my '59 trunk not opening and read that solution and there was no way I was doing that! My issue was that a relay needed to be replaced, then it opened....


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          Dave--Those are the two holes of which I was speaking. We'll see if they are functional when I get the top back on. Otherwise, will probably just close off. I have two '60 projects running--one a restoration, the other has been the recipient of a full custom chassis. It is the latter that has the hole open to the ground, I will check today if these are sealed on the restoration bird. Still learning my way around the site, wish I could have found "your" string on my own, but then I wouldn't get to make new friends, right? --glb52


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            Gentlemen, I have found those ports serve more than a single purpose and it is highly recommended to Not plug or close Any of them off. Drainage, airflow, component positioning, as well as hangars. Cheers, Coral