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Gear Box leak, band adjustments, ...

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  • Gear Box leak, band adjustments, ...

    Problem :
    Oil leak around the nut from the dipstick tube.
    Gear Box slip just a little bit when pulling hard.

    Plan :
    I plan to remove the pan to change the oil as I don't know when this was last done.
    I plan to fix the leak, clean the pan, adjust the bands and check for problems.
    For now I have the pan gasket only

    What will I find in there, what has to be checked? Is there some pins or any parts that may fall out.
    At what time do I check for leaks on the shaft seals. Can I see them from the outside?
    I read about the line pressure. Can't see where is the port and the procedure to check it.
    What other replacement part should I order to be ready beside the filter and the gasket that I already have.
    I had a look at the manual but I guess there is much more information than I want to perform on an otherwise fine running car.

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    I still have to work on the bands but had not a chance so far. I would like to start with the band that is adjusted from the inside of the car. I am just wondering what I will find there. I understand that there is a lock nut used to lock the adjuster. I understand there is a hole in the tunnel where I will have to insert a tool to adjust, another tool to lock the nut and probably a few fingers. It may be obvious when we are in front of the job but I'd appreciate to get a picture of what I will see through this hole to be more confident in the job.