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390 heads on a 352. Why not?

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    Originally posted by simplyconnected View Post
    I buy engines with the intention of overhauling them. I want to know two things, is the block casting good and has it been previously bored. All the 'stories' about the engine's history means very little since I'm overhauling the whole engine and trans.

    I like buying the complete engine and trans TOGETHER, that way I know all the parts are there. For example, I don't want the heads but I do want the rocker arm shafts, stands, bolts etc.

    Oklahoma is a bit far for me (in Michigan). To keep shipping costs down I buy locally. - Dave
    I could find out if its been bored, ill just ask him if the pistons have markings on them. i couldnt give you any kind of confident answer on the blocks condition. he just got it becasue it was in the bed of the truck when he bought it. if your really interested i can put yall in touch.
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