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    Looking for opinions / suggestions.
    Ive had a leak in my power steering system finally found itís coming from the power steering control valve. Iíve purchased parts from Macs before for my TBird, they have to rebuild my control valve when I send it in. My local auto part store can get a remanufactured one from Lares Corp.
    has anyone heard, used Lares Corp. ? Is there someone else out there for these parts.
    1960 TBird
    Thanks guys!!!

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    There are two seals that are most responsible for it leaking. You can buy the seals and try to rebuild it yourself but I've had mixed results with the new seals that Mac's and other vendors sell. I've never used the Lares rebuilding service although I've heard of them. I believe uses them. I sent my last control valve here: They do a great job and are reasonable but their turnaround time can be all over the map. They also can be difficult at times to reach by phone as it's a one man operation. I would recommend calling if you're interested to see what their turnaround time is.

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      I've had Lares do steering boxes for me three times. Also did my control valve. Not the cheapest but I was satisfied with quality and turnaround time.


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        Mine was leaking when I had the car. Got a repair kit from BirdNest. When John told me he had to replace the "new" rubber gaskets several times and ended up with a profesional work, I re-opened the control valve, check the quality and condition of the old parts and decided to re-use them instead of the new gaskets. Once all is cleaned and tight, I do not have leaks for now.
        I discovered that it's always better to keep the good ole factory parts (when possible of course) rather than replace with asian ones.



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          Maybe someone can put a link under "Vendors" to Lares/ so we have easy access to his site. It seems that the control valves are always a problem with leakage and members are seeking a reliable repair. Just a thought.


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            Randy Meyer owns Precision Products, which is listed in the "Advertisements" forum. His website is Clear as mud, huh?

            I sent all my steering stuff to Randy and by the looks of it, he does really good work. I am waiting to get the car back from the body shop so I have not installed the components to see how well they work and whether they leak or not.

            In his defense, I knew I was not in a rush and I told him that up front...but it took a looong time to get everything back and he was hard to reach at times. So if you want it back for next spring I would call him now and get it going.
            Todd Gilroy
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              I just had a good conversation with Randy of Precision Products, of Leon Springs, Texas. Randy is not far up the road from me here in the San Antonio area. I want to clear a couple of things up first. Lares// is not associated with Randy. That is not Lares's website. It is Randy's, Lares is another company that is nationwide that does this type of work also. Here is their website: I will contact them tomorrow, as they are already closed, and see about adding them to our Advertisements Forum.

              Randy said that he tries to turn everything around as quickly as he can, depending on his day to day production load. He also said that he is a one man shop, and that he has had some health issues. He said he does not get a lot of Thunderbird work, as most of it comes from Mustang and other car owners. But he has done some Tbird work over the years. He suggests that if you have a quick turn around need, to call him and ask him to give you an indication of how long it will take him to turn it around and get it back to him. If you do not have a quick turn around need, let him know when you need it back and see if he can meet that deadline. You will find his contact information under Precision Products in the Advertisements Forum.

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