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    Click on the small pictures...

    A lot needs to be said for the West Coast but they have their quirks too.
    Michigan has a tornado season, California gets earthquakes and a host of restrictions on everything. We get mosquitoes, they get gophers, terrible smog, horrible fire storms and they're always running out of water.

    They have the ocean but we don't know what salt water is. Instead, we have 1/5 of the world's fresh water, so there is never a restriction on usage.

    California also has much higher average temps with no snow.
    I actually love snow and if Christmas is not white, I feel robbed in a sense. Yes we get snow but not all the time.
    Robin had two 'snow days' (because school was closed) and it was refreshing to have her home.

    Folks come from all over the States and Canada to cruise in the world's largest cruise, the Woodward Dream Cruise (held the third Saturday in August).
    It's free and over 1-1/2 Million people attend.
    Michigan rewards classic car owners with a ten-year registration that costs $30.
    Yep, three buck per year and they supply the plate or we can use period-correct plates of our choice for five bucks more.
    We have no toll roads and 6% sales tax. At the moment I am not at all happy with our governor and his handling of the Flint water debacle but some of that blame must be shared with the Environmental Protection Agency (the watchdog fed's) who have done nothing.

    Michigan is green and lush with beautiful fall colors. It is the place to raise children.
    We have tulip festival, cherry and peach festivals, and we do apple cider mills (scores of them). Halloween and Thanksgiving are really wonderful times with hay rides, haunted houses and giant pumpkins that grow to 100 pounds weight.

    Yep, the WDC goes well into the night.
    My latest project:
    CLICK HERE to see my custom hydraulic roller 390 FE build.

    "We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?"
    --Lee Iacocca

    From: Royal Oak, Michigan


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      Originally posted by Wudro View Post
      West Coast Fellas, West Coast.
      To visit, yes. But here in the east we have something extremely valuable and amenable to all forms of life: rain.


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        I finally narrowed the hunt down to two batteries that I could count on the width for: Interstate MTP-27 and Exide 27X. Both are high quality in terms cranking power and warranty. I wanted the terminals on the fender side with the + near the starter solenoid. Both retail in the $120 range.

        Now I can get the tie down hardware and the job will be done. Spring has come early to New England and the car is getting some use.

        Thanks for everyone's info and help!

        1958 Hardtop
        #8452 TBird Registry



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          bxt 27f fits perfectly in square bird. buy from ford dealer can have it there the next day. 100 month warranty. Motorcraft, works in judged car shows.


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            I bought a 27 maxx from Walmart today for $120.00 fots perfect and the + terminal is right under the starter solenoid.
            1000 cold cranking amps!
            Bill Gildersleeve
            58 hard top & 60 convertible