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Body Work!

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  • Body Work!

    Here is the third new Subject that I have added to the Forum. I decided to put it where most of the Body Work is being performed. On Squarebirds. I have scanned through a couple of dozen pages of the Squarebirds Forum looking for threads on Body Work. I have found the three most recent ones, with pictures, and will put them in here for you. This will be a sticky thread so it will always stay towards the top of this Forum. There are 198 pages of threads in this Squarebirds Forum and I did not want to spend the rest of my life going through the remaining 175 pages. So if you find something that is related to doing body work on a Tbird, regardless of year, add it to this list please, or do a Post Reply and add it that way. Body work is body work, as Dave says, so what applies to doing body work on a Squarebird might also apply to other years of Tbirds. Some of the threads have a good number of pages to them. They should be a good source of help for those facing body work in the future. We thank our members for taking the time to record their work and pictures for posterity. Here are the three links I came up with.

    Here is another one contributed by Joe Johnston
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    Body work threads

    When I saw there was only one post to this and it was 6 years old I thought there might not be a whole lot to read... Wrong...

    Thanks Ray