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Rust Be Gone - 1959 Convertible build

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    If we didn't know it was a Thunderbird, we might think it a Phoenix. I still suspect some bit of Magic there.

    You really brought that one back from the dead.

    Congrats and GOOD Job!
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      Awesome !
      Mike Lemmon
      '59 Raven Black Hardtop


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        Where is the front header located. I will be looking at a 1960 convertable. What should I look for?



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          The header is the front of the convertible top assembly. The front of the top attaches to it. You cannot see it unless you remove the top, such as when you replace it.

          The amount of rust you may find depends a lot on where the car was located much of its life. If back East, Midwest or the South you can expect to find rust in the rockers, inner rockers, floors, trunk, etc. If a convertible you may find rust in the front header or the rear shelf under the rear window.

          If possible look for cars that have spent their lives in a desert type environment. However if the initial price is right almost any convertible can be saved. Just takes some money. I bought mine for $7500, I now have about $20,000 in it.


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            We Have An Interior

            I have finished putting in a new dash pad; new gauges; new radio; and a complete interior. Attached are some pictures.

            I chose to get rid of the original fuel and heat gauge and replace it with a Classic Instrument Quad gauge that includes Fuel, Heat, Volts and Oil. With some minor trimming it fit beautifully in the original bezel. I also replaced the Clock with a Tach following the directions on our tech site. Once again it needed some trimming but the end result is great.

            I installed an AudioBahn stereo system and put the speakers under the front seats.

            Coming next: Swap the 352 for the 390 and the COM for the C-6.
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              The new instruments looks great in there. A thought for you to consider, pull the speedo and refinish the center from gold to white, same with the needle to match the new gauge needles.

              Your car is really coming along nicely in such a short amount of time, remember when you first purchased the car and look at where it is today.
              1959 J Convertible
              1960 J Hardtop


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                Good idea. However, I might just get wireless speedometer to match it after I put in the C6.


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                  Pics ...

                  Yes, upload them to photo bucket or similar site, then you can just hit the [IMG] code on the highlighted photo (the bottum one) and then paste it below the text of your post (have the sqarebird site and photobucket on separate tabs so you can go back and forth). Before you hit paste have your cursor at the end of your message and hit the enter key once or twice to properly position the pic. Do this at the end of each successive pic description also and when your finished hit preview to check your results. Oh well, a day late and a dollar short. Mike

                  Hey, if I can do it anyone can.
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                    Gaffney1951, at first I did not understand your post. However, now I see you were responding to my 1st post. I joined the site as a paid member so now I no longer have a problem with the pictures. However, thank you for taking the time to respond, help is always appreciated.

                    Your wheels look great by the way. Nice Car.

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                      Love the work done on your qtr panels . I own a body shop and know what's involved with this type of repair . I have a 1960 t bird and need to due the same to both qtrs. May I ask where you found your replacement panels ?
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                        Repair panels are available from most of the Thunderbird parts vendors. You will find them listed in the Advertisements section. Just be aware that the reproduction parts are not quite up to the standards that the original parts were and will require quite a bit of massaging to get them to look factory. Especially if you will be using fender skirts.

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                          Wow ! What a wonderful project and very well documented thank you.
                          And I found out my rust don't seem so bad and know where I can get some
                          Welding done, I just live down the road Fallbrook. Wow what a swell job
                          "You're never too old to become younger".! (M. West)
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                            Thank you for the kind comments. I highly recommend you contact Joey Sanchez at Tops Auto he does amazing work. Besides my 59 T Bird he just finished painting a 58 Chevy Bel Air for me. The phone number for Tops is 951 579 0113