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Chrome Hash Marks Placement

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    Locations for the screw vs stud, early vs later has already been discussed in the past. No need to look any further than this thread, compare the locations on the black bird in post #4 with the gold bird in post #6. They are different, as are other TBirds from the two periods in 1960.
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      I had the same sort of problems with my '58 - the holes were just filled in with Bondo so I drilled them out (not as hard as I could do it from the inside).

      On fastening new ones, I find the whole speednut set up to be a problem in the waiting. The stud can break off or the speednut can loosen.

      A totally foolproof approach is to put some RTV on the outside around the hole, then a blob on the inside around the stud. Some masking tape to hold it in place for a few hours and you have a very sturdy fastener that does not change with vibration and can be removed if need be. The RTV also seals the hole so no moisture can get in and start a hidden rust problem.

      On the subject, if you have good hash marks with broken studs, you can drill and tap them for 6-32 threaded rod (or put a bolt in and cut the head off) - they are quite salvageable. You need a drill press to set the depth so you don't drill through to the outside!

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