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    I am converting to disc brakes and the "snout" on the rotors was 2.75". This was too large to fit in the Ford Ranger 14x6" wheels I have. There is an article referenced elsewhere in this forum:
    which advises to turn the rotor snouts to 2.44" to correct this problem. The opening in the wheels is approx 2.5".

    Now there is another article in this forum that suggests turning the snouts to fit very closely in the wheel opening.

    The question is does the wheel centering rely at all on the snout or just from the centering of the lug nuts when they are tightened?

    Am I OK with 2.44"? If I need to I will order new rotors and have them turned to 2.5" for a closer fit.

    Simplyconnected advised that I could have avoided all this by getting a different conversion kit that used Mustang rotors but at this point I'd have to start all over.
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    The lug nuts center the wheel. I'd just get wheels
    that fit the hubs. I'm not sure about turning the hubs down.
    My Mustang wheels (barely) slide over my frt hubs. Mine are after-market though.


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      There is a big difference between Granada and Mustang rotors. They use different sized bearings and the snout sizes are vastly different.

      Neither rotor centers the wheel on the snout. Neither did your OEM Thunderbird snouts on your original drums.

      Aftermarket companies use either the Granada rotors or the Mustang rotors because they both use standard Ford 'five on 4-1/2" lug centers', which match your rear drums. They are also very available in every auto parts store across the USA.

      True Granada wheels would fit your Granada rotors, but they are impossible to find, now. So, to accommodate more modern wheels, your snouts must be turned for a clearance fit, which is exactly what you have done. If you look closely at your original drums, those snouts are tapered, and are much smaller at the spindle nut than your new 2.44" size. My point is, there is still more metal left after turning, than your originals started with.

      If you ever replace one of your Granada rotors, it will need to be turned, as well. Here is a Mustang retrofit reference PDF for you; it starts on page 17, WHEEL FIT: CLICK HERE

      I put Granada spindles/rotors/calipers on my '55 Ford, and I turned the snouts (2.44") to clearance-fit my original 15" wheel centers. Caliper clearance on any 15" wheels is not an issue.

      However, on my '59 Galaxie, I used Scarebird brackets on my original spindles with Mustang rotors. No machining is necessary, original drum bearings and seals fit the new rotors, and so do the dust caps. '59 Ford Car spindles share the exact part numbers with Squarebird's.

      I have no preference using either the Granada setup, or the Scarebird. They both work fantastic. - Dave
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        check your mail

        Orwin check your private msgs...I sent you a msg about some versaille 14" wheels
        NCbird on the Coast of NC
        "Dads Bird" for my father


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