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Disc Brake Ready 14" Rims

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  • simplyconnected
    Originally posted by DKheld View Post
    ...Do LTD wheels of that vintage match any of those part numbers Dave?...
    The C8ZZ 1007-A wheel IS a '68 Torino 14" X 6" wheel that carried over many years. The Torino is an intermediate size car.

    From '65-'77 full size Ford Cars (LTD's) used 15" wheels, so did Thunderbird.

    So, to match your Squarebird wheels (14"), you must look for intermediate size car wheels. - Dave

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    I'm going to put my 71 mark wheels on my 66. I think the only prob. will be the tires rubbing. I know what you mean they are skiny. The lincoln wheel sticks out further and looks better. I'll let you know.....

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  • scumdog
    And does anybody know of any 15" rims that bolt onto a '66 - apart from factory '66 items?

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  • DKheld
    I was told my wheels were off a mid '70's LTD - like you though Ray - I didn't actually see them coming off the car. Do LTD wheels of that vintage match any of those part numbers Dave? Not sure if mine have the nubs but the original '60 Tbird hubcaps fit perfectly and the wheels clear the Granada spindle hub and caliper - not sure how they would work on the scarebird set-up. There are only about 3 numbers on the whole wheel so it would be pretty hard to know where they came from for sure other than to take the word of the scrapyard owner. Probably be more likely to find the later model Ranger/Aerostar in a scrapyard than an LTD anyway.

    registry 5347

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  • YellowRose
    Disc Brake Ready 14" Rims

    I forgot to mention that the supposed Granada rims I have been getting have the nubs on them for mounting dog dish style hubcaps. Others may not have them. The rims I have on Rose now sure do not have those nubs, nor are they disc brake ready rims. Now, I cannot tell you for sure that the ones I picked up from Southside Auto Parts are off Granada's because I did not see them get them off the car. What I did see was the guy going out to a stack of tires and pulling tires out that had rims with the right lug holes, center hole, 14x6" rims that were disk brake ready. He said they were Granada rims. I do not know how he knew. Maybe he meant they are "Granada style" rims. For all I know, they could have been off any of the other cars that are in the list below. But at least they are disc brake ready rims of the right type we need.

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  • ncbird

    Howard the wheels I got off the Versailles that I got my spindles off are 14x6 but dont have the nubs for small hub caps. I think the issue for some will be the ability to run the small caps and I dont know what vehicles had them. Grant

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  • YellowRose
    started a topic Disc Brake Ready 14" Rims

    Disc Brake Ready 14" Rims

    For those of you who are considering doing the disc brake conversion using your 14" rims. simplyconnected and I are looking for more 14"x6" 5 lug with 4 1/2" centers disc brake ready rims. I found out that one of mine is bent and the one I picked up the other day is very rusty and I want a better one. Here is what Dave sent me regarding Ford cars that had these rims on them when they left the factory.

    Here's a breakdown of cars that used 14" X 6" five on 4-1/2" centers:
    C8ZZ 1007-A (1968)
    C8ZZ 1007-D
    D2OZ 1007-E (1972)

    C8OZ 1007-B (1968)
    C8OZ 1007-F
    C8OZ 1007-J
    C9ZZ 1007-A (1969)
    C9ZZ 1007-B
    D0ZZ 1007-B (1970)

    Also 1993-09 Ford Ranger
    I was on eBay, and they had 14" X 6", 5-hole on 4-1/2 centers, OEM wheels for :
    Aerostar - 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97
    Ranger - 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94
    These are all disk brake wheels.
    So, there are LOTS of wheels that will fit. Some are cast and some are steel.