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Has anyone ever used this Disc conversion kit?

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    Has anyone ever used this Disc conversion kit?

    Hi Shawson,

    Thanks for the additional input on converting to disc brakes. I much appreciate all the information ya'll have passed on here. It sounds like the conversion can be done for a lot less price than what I was quoted. The information you posted about not needing a dual setup was good news to me. But like you, I might just have my brakes and lines totally re-done to bring them up to date. The brake lines on my car might be the original ones for all I know. I also am interested in where you got all the parts for your brake job. I am also thinking of having my front end redone with the Kanter front end kit. Thanks again for the input.

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      Some parts are from Napa. The drums are from the Birds Nest.


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        Originally posted by Meridious View Post
        I will miss not having that extra brake power that discs bring, ...
        That's a myth, actually. For the same sized brakes, drums actually have more stopping power.

        On the first stop or at the top of the hill anyway.

        On the second hard stop, or at the bottom of a long hill, your mileage may vary.

        Discs do a much better job at dissipating heat so the 5th stop is more likely to be as good as the first. Drums trap heat and braking power fades as the heat builds.
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          I think a dual m/cyl would work better.

          If my car was a prestine low mileage "untouched" original, I'd have left it stock.
          My dad had done some mods (Hi perf 390 etc), the dash pad. A few other things. It's pushing 300K miles (3rd motor).I'll keep it pretty close to orig, but as I've stated before I want a ROAD CAR. A driver. Something that will scoot, and turn AND stop.
          I'm never (EVER) gonna park it over mirrors.
          And unless we're starving I'm never gonna sell it. As far as driveability, I'd leave for Florida in it (tonight). Well I'd take those dumb wire wheels off 1st.
          All in what you want. Main point is Enjoy it !!!!
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            Very nice. Looks like the same exterior color as mine, though its a bit difficult to tell in a pic. Is yours the original color? I just love these cars. My bird will be my last classic car, and I will drive it until I can't drive anymore.

            I think a dual m/cyl would work better

            Me, too. I looked into getting a rig that would not interfere with my AC housing when I started looking into the disc brakes....I was going to change to a modified exterior booster and MC. I found a couple, and even found an all-electric MC that didn't require a booster and was made for very tight fitting situations.

            I'm with you that a dual would probably be 'better' but according to drax referring to past customers, the original MC works fine.
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              Looks great John,
              Are you going to the ink and iron festival @ the Queen Mary?
              We were asked to play but had other oblagations.
              Would of liked to trailered El Guapo down.