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    I know there is alot of info on the disk brake conversion but its all over the place. What I have is a 58 bird and want to put in dual master and front discs and keep my 14 inch rims. what do I need? I looked at the scarebird site they have a kit for the 58 to 60 but you have to change to 15 inch rims. but they also have a different kit for 57 to 68 ford and mercury fullsize car that will fit 14 inch wheel . Anyone use these? Who has info. thanks .

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    For Scarebird brackets, buy model #GXY.
    For the firewall components, buy abs power brake kit #9787 on their page #95.
    Also buy a combination proportioning valve.

    There are 14" wheels that fit these calipers. 14" wheels that are built for disc brakes, like Granada, Ranger etc., and aftermarket wheels work just fine. Original wheels will NOT fit because they were designed for use on drums.

    The reason our 'disc brake threads' are all over the place is because new people keep making new threads (like this one). Ray, would you please move this thread? - Dave
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      Thank you . And sorry for posting in wrong place .


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        You really didn't post in the wrong forum. It's probably long overdue that we have a separate heading for Squarebird disc brake conversions. Many thanks to Ray Clark for searching for all the disc brake threads and putting them in one place. You and anyone else that's planning on doing the conversion should have a much easier time finding all the pertinent information.

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