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  • simplyconnected
    Locking brakes can be caused by two problems. Did ALL your wheels lock? If so, your brake pedal and booster need to be adjusted because the master cylinder is not returning all the way when you release the brake pedal. This procedure is covered in your Shop Manual.

    Another cause usually comes up after a car was sitting for long periods of time. That is, disc pistons rust if they are not made of stainless steel. Corvette had this problem in the early days. People would put their car in the garage for the winter then the first time they stepped on the brake pedal the brakes would lock up. It took a tow truck to drag the car out in order to work on it. Chevrolet solved this problem by replacing the caliper pistons. Corvette has dual-piston calipers.

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  • Eric S
    started a topic Brakes locked

    Brakes locked

    I had my car with disc brakes. During a trip in the alps last year where I used a lot the brakes, they seized. I noticed that when slowing down almost to a stop the car was braked. After a few pedal strokes it releases. I removed the Wheels but saw nothing wrong. Where shall I look?
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