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    I finally got the car out in the street. It brakes but I am sure it can be better. I drove at about 50 Mph and it stopped well although not as good as with the OEM master cylinder and booster !
    I talked to MBM and it looks like they can't give out any information, probably they fear to be sued in case of an accident ! I don't know but there is no way to get replies as to the questions I asked regarding expected pressure.
    So in the end they preferred to send the 1" master cylinder they should have sent at first so I will try it when received !
    From their chart, going from 1" 1/8 to 1", I estimated I could get from 700 to 900 Psi.


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      Installed new Master Cylinder, 1". Got a pressure of roughly 1.000 Psi and guess what, the car stops well now.
      I did not road tested it yet as I still work on my wiper motor but it brakes definitively well now.