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  • Wheels For Disc Brake Conversion

    I've been asked to provide information to help others who are looking for wheels for their Squarebird for disc brake conversions.

    First off, I used the Scarebird bracket so I could use my original spindles. I used the S10 calipers with '68 Mustang Rotors.
    Part numbers are as follows:
    RH caliper A-1 Cardone #184128
    LH caliper A-1 Cardone # 184129
    Brake pads Raybestos #SGD154C (service grade ceramic)
    Rotor Raybestos # 6006R

    Wheels from Summit Racing Equipment
    WVI-12-461204 14 x 6 Smoothie 5 holes 4.50 / 4.75 BC with 4.00 backspace. I ordered 5 new wheels. No issues with a spare should a flat occur. Also my original '58 Ford hubcap fit great.

    I know there has been discussion concerning ABS Power Brake Inc. on the forum.
    I purchased item 9787 which is the booster and M/C for 1954-64 full size Ford, 8" Dual Dia. Booster combo. My price in July 2015 was $295.00. For the record I've has no issues.

    I hope this helps others on the forum in their quest for better braking. With this setup I can always change back to drum brakes. However that will be for the next owner to do. FYI, I had never done this type of change over and thanks to Dave Dare and Tom Taylor it was very simple.

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    Leonard, Thank You for your information because it is of the highest importance and value to everyone on the internet. You've had your system for a while. 'Experience' is the kind of information we need to hear about because there are sooooooo many false claims out there.

    Some folks pay thousands to get front power disk brakes. We heard horror stories from members who purchased systems in good faith, just to find out that it didn't fit their Squarebird. This brake conversion is an important safety system and all the components must fit and work well or the whole thing is a failure.

    So far, I have not heard a single complaint from our members who converted to disk brakes. Oh and, none of them reverted back to drum brakes. Thanks again, Leonard. - Dave
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      Dave, the wheels discussed have one parameter that gives me pause. They show a load limit of 1400 pounds.

      As I mentioned in another thread, if I think in terms of the front end of the 3300 pound Squarebird, going around a corner, with the brakes applied, does the load on the outer front wheel excede that amount perhaps?

      Any thoughts?

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        John, I believe the first pothole shock will increase weight by a factor of four, but only for an instant. Of course, this depends on the depth of the pothole and the speed of the car. But certainly, we have made wheels for over 100 years. The worst disaster bends rims but I've never seen one break, even after ten years of service!

        Today's thinking departs from using heavy mild steel, which scares me. Bone yards typically have loads of cast aluminum alloy but very few steel wheels. So, you're right about questioning the load limit of aftermarket wheels.

        I have a call into Vintiques right now. They just had a power failure in City of Industry, CA, so I'm waiting for a call-back from Arthur. - Dave

        EDIT: Arthur finally called me back. He said the smoothies have a weight limit of 1,000-lbs. That's not enough for me. Higher priced wheels like the Mustang/Cougar and Magnum wheels are rated at 1,500-lbs. Much better. I have to believe that alloy wheels have even greater load limits but I haven't checked.

        Based on the evidence I gathered today, it's no wonder a Squarebird trashed wheels because the market hasn't seen cars of our weight class in many years. - Dave
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        My latest project:
        CLICK HERE to see my custom hydraulic roller 390 FE build.

        "We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?"
        --Lee Iacocca

        From: Royal Oak, Michigan


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          Information for consumption......

          I installed the Vintique wheels in July 2015. I keep my tires inflated to 35 psi.

          To date I have not experienced any negatives with these wheels.

          The main reason I chose these wheel was when Marcelo was doing his conversion. It is my understanding that these are the wheels he purchased.

          I'm sure there are other options out there. My luck on finding the steel wheels from a wrecking yard was not good.

          Just my two cents worth.


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            I wanted to update this information as of December 2021.
            As stated above I bought 5 Wheel Vintique WVI-12-4612014 wheels from Summit Racing in July 2015.

            Fast forward to August of 2021. I started noticing a vibration when I let off the gas between 55-65 mph. This vibration was pretty bad The steering would vibrate also.

            After testing it was found the all 4 of the wheels on the ground were bent. One rear wheel was bent bad enough that it bent the driver side rear axle.

            Air pressure has always been kept at 35 psi. No potholes have been hit. Around 2,000 miles on the wheels.

            I called Wheel Vintique and of course they will not refund the cost or did not offer any solution besides to tell me they were past their six month warranty.

            These wheels have the two different lug patterns in them.

            BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!


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              Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Bob C 13