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Wheels for disc brakes

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    Your original 14" wheels have less than the minimum 3-1/2" Back Spacing but there is NO Inboard Safety Hump to accommodate a caliper11" because drums simply didn't need the hump.. This hump appeared with Granada/Versailles/Mustang disk brakes. - Dave[/QUOTE]

    I realize that the presents of the safety hump in the rim may aid in the fitment of the disc brake caliper, but, I felt one should maybe clarify the fact that the "Safety Hump" was not instituted for that purpose (note that it is present on both ends of the barrel). I believe rather to provide increased retention of the tire bead, under the adverse conditions of low inflation pressure values and high sidewall loads, such as in cornering; as even momentary disruption of the seal between rim and tire bead may cause deflation in a tubeless tire.

    Also, it is advisable to avoid using wheel spacers for the purpose of making the improper fitment work for a number of reasons (new tread?). Scott.


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      so I put all that info into Summit's website and came up with the following:

      my intention being to replace an OEM wheel and use factory hubcaps. No chrome.

      Note that I never did specify an offset.

      Did I make any mistakes?

      I note in passing that they show a load limit of 1400 pounds. That does not leave me feeling impressed. If a 3300 lb car is going around a curve with 2-3 people in it, and the brakes applied, it is easy to imagine more than 1400 of it on one corner.

      I am not sure if $55 @ should make me happy or suspicious . . .
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        You might want to send Tim D. a private message and ask about the rims. Pretty sure he used the Summit rims with this brake conversion.
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          Wheels for disc brakes

          Hi Nyles, I did send Tim a PM, and we will see what he has to say. Leonard also bought Summit rims and he is looking up the information on what he bought from them when he did his disc brake conversion.

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