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Brake booster Conversion

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    Brake booster Conversion

    Sherman, as Steve said the pix are WAY to large for this Forum. Pix size are limited to no more than 800x600pixels. If you do not know how to resize them to that setting, let me know and I will resize them for you. You can also download some software from the PC Help Desk that will help you downsize them. But you should be able to go into your photo hosting website and resize them there. Thank you for posting the information that you have though. It is good information to have.

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      Hi all,
      Special thanks for Dave.D for his assistance with ABS.

      I send all of my history emails, order, photos and receipt to the ABS contacts Dave had suggested, four days later no response from them.

      I then re-sent them all the information again with a reminder and finally got my first reply in awhile.

      "Good morning David, ive been looking into this matter, somehow I cannot find anything under your name or address. Was this a direct shipment from us? Or a third party? Can you provide me with a sales order/receipt number?"

      About an hour later I got another email:
      "Ill be sending you a new set of brackets today."

      I replied back requesting a tracking number several times over the next week. And again no reply.

      Late last week a set of brackets turned up. I haven't had a chance to fit them yet, bit they look like they are the real thing.

      I'm not suggesting their is a problem with their products, but their lack of customer service is another storey.
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        David, these are the reports we want to hear. I'm glad you finally got the correct parts and everything is good. I also got your PM today, so Thank You. Many times we never hear back so I really appreciate your final feedback and your thoughts.

        Dave's purchase is truly a lesson for all of us. I think their products are good but expensive. If you choose to buy from ABS make SURE you tell them what model car you have and keep ALL paperwork and correspondence. Somehow, ABS has a problem keeping their orders straight, right now. As soon as you receive your order, check it. Don't wait a year before you find out some parts are wrong because by then ABS won't have record of your order and you might not either.

        I'm relieved that my phone call to ABS's owner got them going but Dave's proof of purchase could not be denied. ...Whew! - Dave
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