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front disc brake conversion

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  • front disc brake conversion

    Hi all, I've recently installed a front disc brake conversion on my 58 and I was wondering if it's necessary to replace the original master cylinder. Will it still works properly, will I need a proportioning valve, will I require a booster etc. Car not back on the road yet so I'm just chasing people's thoughts.
    Thanks Chris.

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    Chris, I suggest you use a two-stage 8" booster with a dual piston 1" bore master cylinder. For both front/rear hydraulic circuits you will need a disk/drum combination proportioning valve.

    The hardest part of this puzzle is the firewall bracket. Since the original firewall holes are so low and close to the steering column/shift levers, the booster needs to come up five inches and out from the firewall five inches.

    Check out the pictures in Marcelo's thread, starting with post #117:

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      I have same problems.
      1. Where to get disc kit which has all that I need?
      2. May I use still original 14" rims?
      3. If changing to rear too how to solve emergency brake?
      Thanks Jari & 59 SquareBird in Finland


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        Hi Chris
        I converted my 1960 Thunderbird last winter.
        and am very pleased with the improved stopping power.

        You will need disc brake ready rims. The 14" disc brake ready rims were not easy to find. But they are out there. Find somebody that deals in car rims he will have them. There is a chart on this forum in the TRL. it will help you with the conversion. Also lots of information on disc brake conversions.


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          Hi guys, yeah I've got myself a set of 15" cragar smoothies so clearance won't be an issue. The kit was off eBay in the states and it was actually very simple. It came with slotted and drilled rotors, calipers, hoses and a couple of bolt on plates. Little bit of grinding but very easy.
          I have actually got a guy to do the custom master cylinder and booster here in oz but obviously not cheap, hence why I was checking my options.
          I should have the windsor and c4 in this weekend then my guy will make the booster/cylinder to suit the clearance.
          Cheers Chris.


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            Another Windsor in a Squarebird! Please post some pictures.

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              Yep 351w with roughly 450 fwhp, c4, 3000 converter and 3.7 gears, definitely should wake it up.
              I'd love to post some pictures but not sure how to on this site.
              Thanks Chris.


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                front disc brake conversion

                Chris, when I welcomed you to this Forum, I posted a Welcome to you in the New Members Welcoming Forum, as I do all new users of our Forum. Here is the link on how to go about posting pix on your Forum.


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                  Sorry mate, yes you did, forgot about that.


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