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Disc Brakes 430 M/C clearance

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  • Disc Brakes 430 M/C clearance

    Have been following the disc brake threads for a while, and progressing on my 430HT. I used the kit from Hotrods&Brakes, and pretty much followed the articles by Gary Hamm and DKHeld and SimplyConnected. The calipers needed some grinding to clear the wheels (14" Ranger), but otherwise that part went OK.

    I sent my original booster out to Booster Dewey for rebuild and refit with a 2 hole mounting flange. Per Eric I used a Lincoln MK5 MC with ports on the right side. The engine is not in the car and I was concerned about clearance. So I made a wood "buck" that mounts a valve cover in the correct location (PIC 1). As I feared, there was only about 1/4" between the brake line and the valve cover (PIC 2).

    So I bought a Mustang MC (68-72), which has the ports on the left. Turned a groove in it for the square O-ring (PIC3). Now the clearance with the valve cover looks good (PICs 4,5).

    But the Lincoln MC was 1-1/8" bore with quite a bit more capacity in the reservoirs. The Mustang MC has a 1" bore. Anybody done the conversion on a 430? If so what MC did you use and how did it work out?

    Have done this whole job twice and would like to stop now.

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    Yeah, Howard Prout did this job on his 430 with factory A/C. It turned out very nice and works well.

    I know he used a two-stage 8" booster with a Corvette-type M/C, all in chrome. I think he mounted his combination prop valve on the fender apron (but I'm not sure about that). His hydraulic lines are all on the left side.

    Howard engineered his own firewall bracket. There was initial concern for 'snorkle', A/C plenum, and shifter arms clearance. We couldn't find a good firewall bracket for sale anywhere, so he made his own and had it chrome plated. There's a whole lot of chrome under Howard's hood. I hope he chimes in with some pics. His calipers fit 14" Granada wheels with NO grinding. Howard successfully used his OEM hubcaps. - Dave
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      You only have one more build to be finished (3rd time's the charm so they say). I did mine 3 times before I got it finished. Later on of course I decide to add factory air which made it 4 times. (1)Original drum system, (2)discs with '77 Tbird spindles, (3)Granada system (since the scarebird system was not available) and finally (4)was the addition of the extension bracket on the booster to clear the A/C plenum.

      Great idea on the engine mock up. Thanks for mentioning the work needed to make the Mustang master cyl work "correctly" with the original style booster. Didn't realize that master cyl did not have the seal. I was considering changing later on but will probably stick with the Lincoln master cyl now that I have that info.

      The engine compartment looks super - hopefully you will have a chance to post some pics of the car when it's finished.

      Hope my conversion didn't throw you off too far and you get some answers on the 430 specific conversion. Thumbs up to you for doing your own.


      Some final pics of mine after adding A/C. I wound up moving the combination valve to the frame thinking it was too close to the manifold when it was hanging down there below the master cyl.

      (looks like poop but it works) and this was before I added A/C


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        Simplyconnected asked me to post some pictures of my conversion. Attached are a couple, one showing where I located the stop light switch and the second showing where I located the proportioning valve. I made a bracket for the proprtioning valve that used the studs on the booster for the master cylinder. I hope the pix are useful. There are a lot more pix of my conversion in the major thread on disc conversion.
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