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1960 edsel update

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  • 1960 edsel update

    hello again guys.
    been busy lately with my own hot rod, so been putting off working on my friends 60 edsel.
    another friend worked on it today, installing the distributor and a new set of wires. they didnt have time to take it for a test drive, but should later this week.

    i thought i asked some questions here about his auto trans, but cant find the posts. so i got some questions.
    we know its a 2 speed ford-o-matic, and his manual says to use "TYPE A" fluid, but at the auto parts store they say to use 'TYPE F", and even on the bottles it says for 1950's and 60's ford automatic transmissions. and they dont even carry the "TYPE A" fluid.
    so, will he be ok in using the "F" fluid ?

    also, i guess he will know when he takes the pan down, but he has been getting conflicting stories on whether the trans filter is a "clean and reinstall" type filter, or just put a new one in. what type of trans filter is in the ford-o-matic trans ?
    where can he order one from ? the local autozones, and even NAPA get all weirded out when you say the work "edsel".

    thanks in advance guys.


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    A little late but may help someone-

    Rule of thumb for FORD trans fluid;

    TYPE F was not introduced until the 1968 model run.

    Original fluid(s) were DEXRON (very close) (TYPE A has progressed to DEXRON). TYPE F can be used for retro usage but DEXRON cannot be used for an original TYPE F application unless that application has been rebuilt with non-asbestos clutch discs.

    You are safe with TYPE F (if the trans has not been rebuilt) and you will notice a firmer shift.
    You have the 1959 to 1964 F/M/2 one piece case aluminum trans which is a true two speed AT (think POWERGLIDE).

    Usually, a trans filter with a fabric mesh in lieu of a screen is meant to be cleaned and re-used.