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My 1959 Ford Ranchero Story

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  • My 1959 Ford Ranchero Story

    I've been looking for a 59 Ranchero, wanted an auto, and as rust free as I could get it.

    Surfing Craigslist found one in El Paso Tx, 59 v-8 auto no glass, engine seized, asking $1500.

    i watched for a few weeks and then made an offer $500. He accepted it, and the hunt was over.
    Now getting it home went onto and got some bids seems like about $800 was the going price. so got a hauler picked it up on a monday and delivered it Thursday morning.

    Got it home ran the vin# biult in LA, july 20 1959. 292 auto.

    So that sat I went out and put a socket on the crank, Was planning on replacing it with a 302, so socket on and it moved a little, played with it some more 3-4 minutes and i heard a noise from the right side of the block, starter was disengaging. Now it moved about a 1/4 of a turn, but the fan didn't move, cut the belt and now it turned over by hand. Water pump frozen!

    So cut the fuel line, put a water hose in the radiator, fresh battery and some starting fiuld and she fired up. SOOOO
    whole idea of the 302 was on the fence now.
    New water pump,plugs,oil,filter, one freeze out plug,new fuel line running into a gatoraid bottle and it started up ran a bit ruff, but got better with some carb cleaner.

    So the 302 is out, staying with the 292 , which someone replaced the intake with a 4bbl.

    Now back at work a few days later and I see a nice shiney Edelbrock on a shelf next to a Holley, (I was inspecting a radio station). Left a note, 2 days later the guy calls me and say I can have both of the free.

    So the Ranchero now has a edelbrock 1405 on it and it purrs like a kitten.

    I've driven it around the yard, but still have to rebiuld the brakes and have the gas tank cleaned. along with new glass, I have the windshield and rear window need side glass now.

    i plan on buckets for the interior with center console. black interior with white on top and lite blue lower half exterior.
    So that's my story of my $500 running ranchero..

    Here's a link to pic...let the fun begin.


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    My 1959 Ford Ranchero Story

    Hi Dennis,

    That was a great story, and a great find! It does not look to be in to bad a condition, and it is great that you have the motor running! Also that you have the windshield and back window. You should be able to find new side windows, or have new ones made. That was a really good find and deal on the carbs! Not much beats free! I hope you will continue to update us on the progress you are making as you continue to work on her.

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      Dennis, I love it! For $500, you should be locked-up for stealing. Real nice find and VERY rust-free. Did the guy have two?

      If you need sources for new parts; glass, true roller timing set, rocker arm shafts, chrome, etc., let me know. (I learned a lot from doing my '59 Galaxie project.)

      I can help with engine tips and fixes. The Y-block was a great engine (nothing sounds better, even today). But, it wasn't oiled very well on the rockers and front timing set. Adding a PVC will eliminate draft tube odors, too.
      - Dave Dare
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        Hey Dennis,
        She looks like she in not to bad of shape! You had better jump all over that!!!
        Richard D. Hord


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          You should offer the man a tip for being such a good person and lettig you get such a bargin Looks to be in good shape.
          Bob M


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            Thanks for sharing the story with us.

            I'd bet a lot of the parts you will need (door glass) will also fit off a 1959 Ford Fairlane & Galaxie 2-dr or 4-dr post.

            -Jon in TX.
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