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  • Welcome simplyconnected Full Sized Ford Moderator

    I am pleased to announce that Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, has agreed to become your Moderator for the Full Sized Fords Forum. Dave has a lot of knowledge and experience in this area. See his pictures below. We are very pleased to have him assume this position. We still need someone else to back him up, so if you have a Big Ford, or just want to help (you do not have to have Big Ford experience) please let me know.

    While talking about Big Fords, I told him that my father-in-law, back around 1959, bought a new Ford Skyliner, or it might have been a Sunliner. They both look similar to me. In any case, it was one of those where the roof retracted into the trunk. We played with it for hours, watching the roof go in and out of the trunk. It is a wonder we did not burn out the servo's! I think it had a white hood and trunk deck and a blue bottom. That was a longgg time ago, about the time I was wanting to get a Tbird, but they cost to much on a 3 striper Airman's pay. Here is a nice web page I found that features the '50-'60's Ford cars of that period. You will see a lot of nice Ford Big Cars, and Tbirds in it.

    I think this is the color my father-in-laws Ford was.
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    Thanks, Dave Dare ! I LOVE the '59 Ford styling. My first major project car was a red and white '59 Country Sedan (292 V8, Cruise-o) just like the one in the link Ray posted. I have to scan some pix of that old wagon, last known (1990) in the Cleveland, OH area.
    I wish I had it back, it was a great car.
    Mike Lemmon
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      Dave thank you for accepting and being one of our new moderators for the Full Sized Fords forum. With the amount of new members we have had join our site over the last several months it is very helpful. If we can help you with anything send me or any moderator a pm e-mail.
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        Dano Leavens, Mike Lemmon, Ray Clark, and everyone on Squarebirds, Thank You for your very warm welcome. I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about representing this site with the proper respect and wisdom it truly deserves. I never met Alexander, but I admire him and his legacy. Without Alexander, Squarebirds wouldn't exist and none of us could freely enjoy the wealth of knowledge and camaraderie shared here. I am just another Ford Car restorer, but I hope to continue helping other restorers and enthusiasts with their 'labor of love' as Alexander did.

        Many remember the 1959 Ford Car. It was mostly carried-over from 1957 & ’58 with few changes. Ford already had retractables and convertibles, but in ’59 many of the names changed and this is where model names become confusing. My Galaxie Town Sedan has ‘Fairlane 500’ script on the deck lid and glove box, and Ford stuck a ‘Galaxie’ badge on the glove box, too. The rear quarters prominently display ‘Galaxie’ script. (Nowhere does it say, 'Town Sedan'.)

        Why so many confusing script and badges? They were all carried over, and Ford didn’t want to spend any more money to change things. (’57 sales were down, ’58 sales were worse, but ’59 sales dramatically improved.)

        The Skyliner (retractable) displays, ‘Fairlane 500’, ‘Galaxie’, AND ‘Skyliner’ badges. The only way to know any real body style is by the Patent Plate ‘body code’ number. Otherwise, owners advertise for sale, a ‘1959 Galaxie Fairlane 500 Sunliner’ (a convertible). Really, it’s a Sunliner. Dealership Parts Dept’s depended on body code numbers to order correct stock

        I noticed something new (to me), look at the picture Ray posted. See the fuel filler door? Mine is in the middle, below the deck lid:

        Thunderbirds are less confusing... I shoulda got one of those, instead. - Dave
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