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Rear sway bar 57 RWagon

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  • Rear sway bar 57 RWagon

    Hear is a simple fix for the rear end suffle/sway. We used a 2004 r bar off a Tahoe [GM].Mounted foward over dif., the arm on end of bar go into factory holes at top of frame arch.Mount are cut off donor and trimed and welded to axle housing.Brake lines are tweeked a bit and......woope there you go.1hr job

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    Rear sway bar 57 RWagon

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      Could you post some pics? My wife & I had an 04 Tahoe. I thought that rear bar might work. I wound up using the one Addco makes for the various TBird suppliers. It's a tight fit, but it works.

      What a difference those sway bars make. Different car !!
      John Byers
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