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59/60 rear axles

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  • 59/60 rear axles

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and have never posted on a forum before so please bear with me. I have a 59 Ranchero and a couple of 59 parts cars. All have the 9" rear axle and the Ranchero I am rebuilding has 28 spline axles. All three have 3.56 ratios. My brotherinlaw is parting out a 60 Bird that has a 9" limited slip in it. I would like to swap the 3rd member only into my case. Is there any way short of removing an axle to know if it has 28 or 31 spines? The car is 850 miles from me and he is not able to remove the axle at this time. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

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    They never made a 57-62 Ford with a 31 spline axle, they were all 28 spline. That being said, the limited slip unit in a 60 is of dubious design and is pretty much impossible to get parts for these days. If you do get it though, also get the oiling tab inside the top of the housing if it has one (most do). The tab is held in with two of the upper studs. Just hit the stud with a hammer to remove them and they will fall out with the oiler. be sure to note which holes it installs in as it is important. Hawkrod


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      59/60 axles

      Thanks for the info Hawkrod. I really have no idea of the condition of the diff. The vehicle has not been driven for many,many years. It is a rust bucket but does have some good parts. If I do get the limited slip do you have any sugestions on what to look for as far as damage? The Ranchero this is going into will have an only slightly warmed up 302 with an AOD. Not a hot rod just a cruiser. Thanks for the tip on the oiler.


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        The problem is you can't see any damage. There are internal clutch plates and they wear out. The Equa Lock is notorious for a short life and Ford quit making them in 1970. Service parts can be interesting to locate. Hawkrod